IIMT University – Best Private University for B. Tech Course

As the name suggest a technical university has traditionally been an institution that offers education in many sciences & technologies. Since most of them offer education to improve the practical and technical skills of the students, they have a clear vocational orientation. In India university are set up and run by the state government or they are private universities with varying degrees and certificate courses.

IIMT University enjoys its reputed place in the list of the best private university for B.Tech Course. It provides engineering degree in almost all demanding engineering disciplines i.e. Mechanical Engineering (production, automobile, RAC) Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science & Electronic Communication etc. The students of all the branches of Engineering are given the opportunity of ‘learning by doing’ which is possible only through industrial visits/exposure. Various companies and industries are ever enlisted by IIMT University for visits beneficial for the students. This is why IIMT University is counted eminently among the best private University for B.Tech Course & other technical courses.

IIMT University ranks on the top among the best engineering university in UP (Uttar Pradesh) as it intends to provide the best engineers and technocrats for the development of India. IIMT University places a crucial role in providing excellent education and training in most of the vocational programs specially when it comes to practical skills and hands on jobs. B.Tech Course holders from IIMT University involve in planning analyzing designing and on to site for projects. The students, who join us, belong to urban as well as rural areas. There is no question of decline owing to spurt in engineering colleges & other technical universities. IIMT University, a private university for B.Tech Course caters to a completely different socio-economic profile so always is in demand.

The status and quality of IIMT University is a reflection of this state of affairs. It began with a mandate to provide skilled workforce to the nation.

Field Exposure that matters much:

IIMT University claims to be one of the best private university for B.Tech Course because it offers very special value added program for the students. The special feature of IIMT University is it intends to provide industrial exposures to the students during the years to the completion of engineering degree. The need of the hour is significantly a closer partnership between industries and the universities for B.Tech Course and other technical courses. Skill-oriented education has very little value unless it fulfills the need of the industry. An active drive to improve the skills and imparting value driven education is under the vigil of IIMT University. Industrial visit/exposure has its own importance in the carrier of the students who are   pursuing for B.Tech Course degree. The objective of an industrial visit is to provide the students an insight regarding work culture of companies. Industrial visit provides the students a practical perspective on the field of work. It provides the students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction with working methods and employment practices.

The above all features make IIMT University – IIMTU as one of the best university in UP (Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, North India.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. — Nelson Mandela.